Class Warrior Warrior Skills
Skill 0th Job Novice
Skill 1st Job First Job Advancement
Skill 2nd Job Second Job Advancement
Skill 3rd Job Third Job Advancement
CrusaderWhite KnightDragon Knight
Skill 4th Job Fourth Job Advancement
HeroPaladinDark Knight


Icon Name Type Description
Skill Iron Body Iron Body Supportive Increases your Weapon Defense for a fixed amount of time.
Skill Power Strike Power Strike Active Consumes MP to deliver powerful damage to enemies.
Skill Slash Blast Slash Blast Active Consumes MP to attack up to 6 nearby enemies simultaneously. Required Skill: Power Strike Lv. 1
Skill HP Boost HP Boost Passive Permanently increases Max HP.
Skill Guardian Armor Guardian Armor Passive Increase Battle Mode ATT based on DEF.

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