31 May 2012

No updates

30 May 2012

- Completed Beginner skills for Explorers

29 May 2012

- Completed CrypticSEA updates section

- In Game Updates section clean up

28 May 2012

- Completed Heroes section

- Most information have been added for Aran, Evan, Mercedes and Phantom section

- Clean up the wiki

- Completed Resistance section

- Most information have been added for Demon Slayer, Mechanic, Wild Hunter and Battle Mage section

- Added some information in Warrior skills.

27 May 2012

- Changed logo

- Changed the outlook of the Homepage

- Added poll

- Changed the picture for ArcaneMS and CrypticSEA

- Lock up all the sections

- Added Facebook link

26 May 2012

No updates.

25 May 2012

- Added Classes Section

- Added all Explorers' Classes including Dual Blade & Cannoneer

- Added all Cygnus Knights' Classes excluded Mikhail

- Added all Heroes section

- Added all Resistance section

- Most information have been added for all Explorers and Cygnus Knights

- Added Wiki Updates section and In Game Updates section

- Completed ArcaneMS updates section

24 May 2012

- Opening of Intrinsic Network Wiki.

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