Magicians are a part of the Explorers, they make use of magic, unlike the physical-attacking classes. Although they are physically weak and have low HP, magicians are one of the most supportive, popular, and highly recommended classes to take in MapleStory. They are highly respected, and are valuable for Party Quests, Boss Fights, hunting, etc. Magicians have extremely powerful Mobbing Skills as well as useful support skills.

Novice 1st Job 2nd Job 3rd Job 4th Job
Beginner Magician Wizard (Fire/Poison) Mage (Fire/Poison) Arch Mage (Fire/Poison)
Wizard (Ice/Lightning) Mage (Ice/Lightning) Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning)
Cleric Priest Bishop

To see Magician's skill list, click Class Magician

1st Job Advancement

2nd Job Advancement

3rd Job Advancement

4th Job Advancement

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